Glowing Pink

Pink inspiration for a time of relax, glamour and fun to create a commercial look with ultramodern touches. Set of tones, textures, lengths that print passion and strength to your hair to create volumes, light up faces, caress cheeks... In short, hair coloured of innocence, sensuality and elegance with an explosion of chromatic pigments which spark off a thousand sensations.

Bleach your hair to get 9-10 lightening level. Prepare the necessary amount of mixture according to the hair to be bleached, following the ratio of 20g ACLARATIF TECHNIQUE BLEU + 40ml VIOLETT PREMIUM ACTIVATING CREAM 30 Vol (9%) + 10ml VIOLETT PLEX COLOR SYSTEM PROTEIN COMPLEX COLOR CARE for maximum hair protection.

Mix VIOLETT PLEX COLOR SYSTEM MASK COLOR CARE with 15g of VIOLETT 60 PROFESSIONAL M/1 GREY. Brush the hair with the obtained mixture to balance the tone and the structure of the hair.

For the cut, divide hair in 3 sections and texturize with MILLENIUM TOUCH Agua de Mar. Project the occipital area in raising and cut the section with blunt effect. Connect the temporals to different levels. Finish with a cut on the cross in the frontal-lateral area marking an asymmetry.

Separate a circle at the top of the head. Draw triangles around the circle in the direction of the contours.

Laminate the triangles by alternating the base color with VIOLETT 60 PROFESSIONAL M/5 VIOLET + 2cm of VIOLETT 60 PROFESSIONAL 7/75 MAGENTA, blended with 60ml CLEYBELL CREAM OXIDANT 10 Vol (3%) + 5ml VIOLETT PLEX COLOR SYSTEM PROTEIN COMPLEX COLOR CARE.

Apply maintenance care VIOLETT PLEX COLOR SYSTEM composed by SHAMPOO COLOR CARE + MASK COLOR CARE which provide nourishment and conditioning effect. Spray SPRAY COLOR CARE all over the hair to enlarge the intensity of color and shine. Not to rinse. Finally proceed to styling.