ALCÁNTARA COSMÉTICA began its course in the professional world more than three decades ago and since it was founded, it has been offering a complete service in manufacturing and distribution of cosmetic products for hairdressing and esthetical professionals.

Along the years, the accumulated experiences, the confidence and loyalty of our customers, the combined constant work, the illusion always renewed and the excellent quality of the products grouped under its brand, Alcántara has reached the right of a place among the most distinguished companies in both national and international professional markets. Alcántara has known how to reinforce the solid piles where it has been subtended since its foundation, by adapting them nowadays to the dynamism and constant evolution of this particular world.

Nowadays, ALCÁNTARA COSMÉTICA has consolidated as a modern company and obtained a well-deserved recognition inside and out of our borders, guaranteed by the quality of the products and services; the technological innovation and the efficiency; the dynamism, the evolution and a professional personalized attention which are the essential values of the company. It is very important to underline its fundamental philosophy of integral service to the professionals in hairdressing and aesthetics as receptors of Alcántara most suitable products.

Once reached the recognition and deeply established in national and international markets, ALCÁNTARA COSMÉTICA has been diversifying and extending its production. New hair cosmetics products and the creation of a brand of skin care, reveal the solid researching and developing spirit of a company, always struggling to go ahead in such a competitive world.

The present facilities, opened in June 2001, characterized by its modernity and functionality, let the company settle among the most avant-garde and competitive ones in cosmetics. The total surface of ALCÁNTARA COSMÉTICA new buildings reaches the 15.000 m2, distributed among laboratory and I + D department area; manufacturing area; packaging area; store and office buildings.

With a distinguishing purpose in such a competitive market, ALCÁNTARA COSMETICA has bet for the constant improvement in the quality and efficiency of its production processes, guaranteeing the quality of its products and an absolute respect for the environment. Quality and environment policy.

This way, ALCÁNTARA COSMETICA products, besides being available in Spain, come to both nearby and far away markets, and so different among them as The United States, France, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Romany, Finland, Russia, Ireland, Ukraine, Canada, Cyprus, Tunis, Morocco, Alger, Australia, Venezuela, Mexico, Chile, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, La Martinique, La Reunion, Singapore,… And with the same illusion and force of the beginnings we go on, step by step, researching new products which offer the maximum care whether for hair or skin which allows us to continue opening markets, making reality our motto:

we evolve for you, innovate for you, take care of you


Polígono Industrial El Montalvo II,
C/Arribes del Duero 59-65,
37008 Salamanca / ESPAÑA