White Silver Shampoo
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White Silver Shampoo

Suitable shampoo for the care of white, grey and/ or bleached hair which counteracts the yellow tone by basing on the chromo – complementarity, that is to say, the using a complementary color which neutralizes its opposite on the chromatic circle. If two complementary colors are mixed, the result is a neutral one; in this case, more or less clear gray. The opposite color to yellow is violet, so White Silver Shampoo includes micro – equilibrating violet pigments in its formula. These pigments neutralize yellow tone in white, gray and/or bleached hair. It contains a sunscreen that protects the hair fiber and prevents the wear out of color. It also includes conditioners which provide softness, shine and moisturizing, making hair recover its elasticity and luminosity. White Silver Shampoo has soft fruity scent of fresh peach with floral notes of jasmine and vanilla.

e 250 ml 8.4 Fl Oz

e 1.000 ml 33.8 Fl Oz