TRAYBELL V3 Complejo Vitamínico Capilar
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Capillary Vitamin Complex 

The progressive degradation of the hair until its loss, represents a big problem object of a great deal of technical consults for which Traybell offers different solutions. 

TRAYBELL V3 Capillary Vitamin complex (maintenance and nourishment). In different periods and for several reasons, our hair looks weak and undernourished. It is in these moments when a topic “dietetic” supplement all over the scalp is essential. Traybell’V3 presents a high biological activity which contributes to increase the metabolism of the cells in the hairy bulb. It is enriched by A Vitamin (Retinol) which stimulates and speeds up cellular regeneration. The combined action of C Vitamin (Ascorbic Acid) and E Vitamin (Tocoferol) avoids the proliferation and development of free radicals which cause capillary ageing, reinforcing their great anti–oxidant power.
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