Traybell Essentia

TRAYBELL ESSENTIA is the current and future hair treatment that cares for hair and scalp, with active ingredients of plant origin of effectiveness guaranteed. It is composed by "Healthy & Free" products because they are made free of sulfates, parabens, silicones, colorants and PEG to get more hair protection. The rigorous choice of the most suitable packaging with UV filter allows us to take care of the product so that it maintains inalterable its multiple properties and protect the environment.

TRAYBELL ESSENTIA is the result of the evolution, the innovation, the commitment to quality, the care for the environment and the respect for the profession that are the main objectives of our daily work in ALCÁNTARA COSMÉTICA. We are especially proud of having put all our knowledge and expertise in hair care to provide the consumer with an excellent brand experience, because we are convinced that our efforts will give unbeatable results.