TRAYBELL Shampoo y Tónico Balsámico con Mentol
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Balsamic Shampoo and Tonic with Menthol

They re-establish natural balance, regenerating the skin. It is recommended faced with problems of sensibility, irritation, tightness or lack of blood flow.  The menthol provides freshness, while calms and relaxes scalp.
TRAYBELL Balsamic Shampoo with Menthol. It includes wheat proteins and vegetable extract which repair and protect skin. Guarantees excellent hair care and provides a pleasant refreshing sensation with no irritation, eliminating impurities gently and quickly. Tones and regulates the perspiration of the scalp. Supplies hair with calcium and vitamin B-5. 
e  300 ml  10,5 Oz
e  1000 ml  35 Oz
TRAYBELL Balsamic Tonic with Menthol. Discomfort in the scalp (itching, pain, feeling of tightness,...) can be due to a number of causes (dehydration, excessive perspiration, seborrhea,...). Traybell Balsamic Tonic with Menthol regulates perspiration while invigorating and healing. It provides a derm-protective and calmative effect, as well as a feeling of freshness. It also ensures care and cell renovation, as well as stimulating blood circulation thanks to the essential oils it contains. 
e  10 ml  0,3 Fl Oz