Alcántara Cosmética has created and developed L'UOMO, a specific hair brand for men. Five products formulated with vegetal actives of the highest quality, studied and adapted to the particular characteristics of the XXI century man. L'UOMO includes the latest technological advances in cosmetics, with products of great efficiency, easy application, fluid texture and fresh and discrete fragrance.

  • L'UOMO URBAN TECH SHAMPOO with Collagen. Strengthening shampoo for stronger, wealthier, more resistant hair. Also suitable for beard care.
  • L'UOMO URBAN TECH LOTION with Phyto-Decongestive. Frequent use lotion with botanical extracts and vitamins to revitalize hair while enhancing its growth. Avoids senescence of the hair fiber.
  • L'UOMO URBAN CRYSTAL GUM. Modeling gum to sculpt, fix, moisture and design hair in a flexible natural way. Allows different stylings. 
  • L'UOMO URBAN MATT WAX. Matt wax to texture, define and sculpt hair with natural, non-greasy styling. With vegetable waxes and vitamins for long lasting, total definition.
  • L’UOMO URBAN FIX SPRAY. High-fixing spray for deep moisturizing and total styling control.

L’UOMO also includes different promotional material: display, info-tech leaflet, flyer and poster.