KERALISS TECHNIQUE Alisador con carbocisteína y keratina
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Hair Cosmetics > Straighteners > KERALISS TECHNIQUE Straightening cream with Carbocysteine and Keratine

Straightening cream  
with Carbocysteine and Keratine

Straightening cream formulated with a combination of Carbocysteine and Keratin Amino Acids that produce a temporary change in the structure of any type of hair. It does not contain Thioglycolic Acid. It includes a Straightening Active (Proliss 100H) that helps reduce frizz and hair volume. It is enriched with Argan Oil high Vitamin E content, antioxidant, and essential fatty acids, with moisturizing, regenerating properties. It enhances shine and softness to hair. It contains a Vegetal Complex (Triboxyl AAC) that reinforces the internal structure of cortex, increasing hair resistance and flexibility. It provides a more intense, lasting, straightening natural effect.

Straightening cream results can change according to the characteristics of the hair. About 60-70% reduction in volume and opening of curls in resistant ethnic hair. About 80-100% in wavy hair.

e  1000 ml  33.8 Oz