KERALISS TECHNIQUE Smootherapy-Ultra Stop Frizz
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Smootherapy-Ultra Stop Frizz

Keralis Technique family grows with SMOOTHERAPY-Ultra Stop Frizz, a long-lasting, disciplining, rebuilding smooth therapy that sublimates hair texture while it moisturizes and deeply nourishes it, providing a temporary, natural, smoothing effect. It reduces frizz and control volume. It contains Proliss 100H that provides softness, resistance, shine and flexibility to the hair fiber. Triboxil AAC vegetable oils rebuild both inside and outside hair, repairing its structure. Argan oil with vitamin E, natural antioxidant, protects from free radicals and environmental aggressions. Fruity scent of nectarine and plum with citrus touches.

e 1000 ml 33.8 Fl Oz