Coloración en Crema + Emotion
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Coloration in Cream + Emotion

VIOLETT 60 Professional. Cream coloration with a wide range of colours. Its tones, mixed among them, provide an infinitive range of nuisances. It contains micro–pigments which contribute to colour penetration into the capillary fibre, providing a glossy bright final result. The affinity of its ingredients with the hair keratin helps to the fixation of the colour, getting the 100% white hair coverage and long lasting colour. It also contains conditioning, emollient substances that protect hair, guarantying the care of the capillary structure. 

e  60 g  2,0 Oz
VIOLETT 60 Professional Emotion. It provides shimmering streaks and highlighting effects on natural and /or dyed hair without previous bleaching. Intensive colour results on natural and dyed hair.
e  60 g  2,0 Oz