Collection Turmalina

Word of Singhalese origin which means combination of colours, the tourmaline, also named «chameleonic stone» is characterized by the great variety of colours and tones it presents.
ALCÁNTARA’s creative team, wants to transmit the energy of the tourmaline, considered a magic stone which attracts the inspiration, canalises the positive energy and is a source of endless creativity.
Turmalina Collection plays with natural sunlight through a violet prism, transforming shades and discovering a new world of colour, plenty of chameleonic results.
• 10/6 + M/5 = Acrolita
• 4/7 + 5/5 = Rubelita
• 9/1 + F/5 = Siderita
• 1/5 + F/51 = Nigrolita
• Mixtures are only suggestions. Always in proportion 45 g + 15 g
• The resulting intensity varies depending on the colour base upon which it is applied and the volumes used for the mixture.
• Chestnut 30 Vol. (9%)
• Light Chestnut 30 Vol. (9%)
• Dark Blonde 20 Vol. (6%)
• Medium Blonde 20 Vol. (6%)
• Light Blonde 20 Vol. (6%)
For porous hair (especially in shafts and ends) we advise a mixture with Colour Revealing 6 Vol. (2,2%).